About Mary's Kitchen

Mary’s Kitchen is a volunteer organization whose aim is to provide compassionate care for the less fortunate of Orange County, California. All services are conducted in a manner, which preserves dignity. This is why those who we assist are considered our guest. We are non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. 100% of monetary donations received go directly to maintain the services provided for our guests.

Our hours of operation are from 9:00AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Breakfast is provided in the morning. At 12:45 PM a hot lunch is served. Our guests also have the option of receiving a sack meal lunch. Access to showers and laundry facilities are available until noon Monday through Saturday as well. Volunteers are always welcomed. Please call 714-633-0444 for information.

A Letter Of Appreciation

Dear volunteers and staff at Mary’s kitchen, I just wanted to let you know that one of your former clients, Bill O’Neill, passed away on February 2

I also wanted to tell you how grateful I was that you took such good care of my dad for all those years. You made him feel a part of your organization. I believe that because of that connection. When the time came, he was able to be a part of my family.

God certainly had His hands in orchestrating our reunion. I had a wonderful opportunity to be with my dad and enjoy my dad’s last nine months of life. Because of the dignity you shared with him. He saw himself as having value.

I was able to be at my dad’s side when he passed/ I was so glad I was able to remind him he was my dad, a grandfather and a child of God before he was any of the other labels he or the world may have put on him.

While people may not change their behavior, with each meal you serve, shower you offer, and clean shirt you give, you are keeping people connected to their own humanity and keeping people alive for miracles to happen.

Thank you and God Bless your work.

Lisa Balogh – Bill’s daughter.